GT STATS Features

Link the match court to the training court

Free coaching subscription. Can’t make your player’s match? Receive data¬† seconds after match completion
Provide your coach with objective match data and play an active role in your child’s tennis development
View stats and graphs of your matches. Know your strengths and weaknesses at a glance.
Invite family and friends to view matches live and dynamically. From around the corner or across the world
Match Loading
Load matches quickly and easily. Add error location data, personal notes and view stats and graphs at any time.
Stats and Graphs
Scroll through stats screen. Navigate to graphs, error location and point-by-point via one-tap icons
Regular Updates
Monthly app updates with new graphs and functionality. More resources in the Coach’s Blog
Maximum turnaround 24 hours for all help requests. Functionality suggestions always welcome.
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Where to Start with Tennis Stats – Forced Errors vs Unforced Errors

April 13, 2019

Where to Start with Tennis Stats – Forced Errors vs Unforced Errors

For the parent whose child has started out in tennis, the difference Read More

Free Features When You First Download

January 15, 2019

Free Features When You First Download

An updated version of GT STATS is available on the App Store and Play Store now. The user friendly Read More

Recording Tennis Scores and Stats

January 10, 2019

Recording Tennis Scores and Stats

GT STATS has been engineered to provide coaches, players and parents with maximum effect from an easy to user interface.

Once you’ve loaded the details of a match like the players, court surface etc, you will find yourself at the “Serving First” screen. You can also select your Remote Users from this screen. Read More