About GT and the People Behind it

GT STATS is the brainchild of Nick the tennis coach and tech enthusiast, and Aaron the tech professional and tennis enthusiast. We love our tennis. We love our tech. We love watching our junior boys play.

We started the Gadget Tennis website a few years ago. It was primarily designed to test and review tennis sensors, and provide coaching advice on how to use them better.

When our 10 year old boys, Tom and Zac, started playing tournaments a couple of years ago, Nick (he’s the coach) started recording analytics of their matches. We’d use the stroke of a pen on a piece of paper for winners and errors, then try and explain the resultant numbers to our boys.

As the tennis became more serious (not too serious – they’re only juniors after all), we started recording more analytics. Then we started graphing the results on spreadsheets, which made it much easier for the boys to understand.

Work on the app: GT STATS

In mid 2017, we decided there had to be something easier than pen and paper. We started looking around for an app to do the job. In addition to recording tennis analytics more efficiently, we could also review any apps we found on the Gadget Tennis website.

After looking around, trying this and that, we wondered whether it might just be easier to build our own app. After all, one of us is a tennis coach and the other a tech/dev/app expert. We decided to make it simple to record matches, yet detailed in the information provided. Based on personal experience, graphs were a MUST!

Expansion of GT Services

GT STATS, the app, was released on the App and Play Stores in June, 2018. Since then, we’ve expanded GT to include GT STATS TV and manufactured the GT STATS Fence Mount to capture professional match video for our clients. Through the Coach’s Blog and our Webinar series, we’re looking to build GT STATS into a community of like-minded tennis parents, junior players and coaches.

If you have any questions about the app, or anything tennis or junior tennis related, let us know via our Contact page.

Nick and Aaron