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A Tennis Stats App with No Sign Up Required

A tennis stats app with no sign up required

Downloading and using the best tennis stats app for parents, children and coaches just Read More

How GT STATS Can Help Tennis Coaches

GT STATS is available as a free subscription for tennis coaches once the app is implemented at your club or school. Get in touch today and let us know what you need. Read More

The Scroller – Zoom in on a Player’s Stats

First set Summary Graph AO Final 2017

Have you ever wanted to show your junior the stats from a particular score in the match they just played? Have you ever watched your junior lose Read More

Tennis Stats for Coaches

It’s my number one frustration as a Tennis Coach. You can’t get to your players’ weekend matches or to a tournament in which they’re playing. Even if you can, you may not be Read More

Graphs and Stats that make Sense to Junior Tennis Players

Graphs help juniors understand the stats of a match

I’ve always loved viewing statistics graphically. Be it for tennis, business or a stock price, graphs make a lot more Read More