GT STATS Frequently Asked Questions


GT STATS is a subscription based product. The cost of a subscription is $4.99US per month or $29.99US per year. Remote Mode is provided as a one-off purchase of $9.99 and is not subscription based.

For further details on how to manage your App Store subscription, including changes, cancellations and refunds, click here. For Google Play Store click here.

We are committed to a continual flow of new functionality on the GT STATS app and content on the GT STATS website. For the app, this means new features on a monthly basis. Features could include new graphs and statistics, but also could be as large as “Remote Mode”.

What you will receive from us is a commitment to monthly updates to the app, not sporadic updates over time. For around the cost of a restring…….or a few tins of balls!

Coaching Academies/Organizations and Individual Coaches are entitled to a FREE GT STATS subscription.

While we do limit this to one subscription per academy/organization, we understand that some academies/organizations are large and require more than one free subscription. We are happy to meet your needs in this regard and further free subscriptions are available on request.

Please note, the initial free subscription period lasts for 3 months. After this time, one of your parents/players will need to be a GT STATS subscriber for you to continue your free subscription.

If you’re interested in a FREE coaching subscription, get in touch via the contact form on the GT STATS Coaches page.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.


Once you’ve opened GT STATS for the first time, you will be taken straight to our “Get Started” screen. There is NO NEED to sign up to GT STATS to record matches. If you wish to use Remote Mode or link to your coach, you will need to be signed up. It’s not necessary to be signed up to be a subscriber, however.

From the “Get Started” screen, you can have a look at the power of the stats and graphs, and add to our demo match to get a feel for the user interface. The third option is loading your own match.

You will be prompted to subscribe when you load your second match. You will receive a further one week trial before your paid subscription commences.

1. Tap the menu button located at top left. Note: Menu button is not visible when in a match. Press the “Back” button to exit your match. Data will be saved automatically and you can return to the match at any time.

2. Tap Players.

3. Tap Add at top right of screen

4. Add all the details of the player and tap Save

A player can also be added from the Add Match screen by tapping Add Player at top right.

The newly added player will appear in your player list, which can be accessed from the Main Menu.

1. Access the Matches screen from the Main Menu and tap Add.

2. Enter the information required and tap Save.

3. Establish which of the players is serving first and tap Start Match.

The “Who is serving first?” screen also contains a field to invite Remote Users to view the match. Further details are at the bottom of this page.

You certainly can!

Tap the menu at top of screen when not in a match or match stats. Tap Match Formats and tap ADD at top right.

A few notes on adding formats:

1. Number of sets should be the maximum number that will be played. A “best of 3 set match” should have the number 3 in the first field.

2. Games per set is a little like “First to”. If it’s a regular set it’s first to 6. GT STATS will assume a 2 game advantage is required to win the set. So, if you load number of games in a set as 10, GT STATS will assume 11-9 is a winning score.

3. If there’s a match tiebreaker, the number of sets before match tiebreaker will either be 2 or 4.

4. Number of points in a match tiebreaker or set tiebreaker is another “First to” field. GT STATS will automatically assume a margin of 2 points is required to win a tiebreak.

5. Sudden Death Deuce is “No Ad” scoring.

Don’t forget to give your new format a name and a description so you know what to tap next time you use the same format.

The default screen color is blue. If you tap the Menu button (when not in a match), under Settings, you will find you’re using the Hard Court theme. Try either Clay or Grass and see if they suit the mood a little better.


Yes you can, by tapping the undo button at top right of screen. Use this button once you have completed a point ie if you have already recorded a fault, record a double fault and then tap the undo button.

This will amend the score to the previously displayed score and remove any stats associated with the point that’s been undone.

The + buttons next to the point score are there to help.

Whether you missed a point, had to step away for a few points, or made it to the match a couple of games late, you can still catch up and record the stats of the rest of the match.

The + buttons advance a player’s score by one point with every tap. Tapping either of them will advance the score using normal tennis scoring without anything being added to the stats for the match.

Yes you can. Use the Pencil icon at the top right of screen. This will open a text box where you can enter any text you like.

Any notes you take will be shown inside the Point Count display which can be viewed by tapping the Point Count Magnifier icon on the Stats screen.

Any text you enter in this field will also be sent to your Remote Users LIVE during a match. Just in case you want to tell them there’s an injury time out, or any other point of interest.

Whether a point ended with a Forced or Unforced Error is subjective. In junior tennis, if you think it’s a 50/50 call, err on the side of giving one or other player a Forced Error rather than an Unforced Error.

For more information on the differences between Winners, Forced Errors and Unforced Errors, have a look here.

Lets are not recorded as part of a player’s stats, largely because the point starts again from first or second serve.

A net cord that results in a player winning a point because the ball just dropped over the net after hitting the tape? That has to be recorded as a winner. A lucky winner, yes, but a winner nonetheless.

If a net cord results in a ball going long (particularly on serve) or wide, we recommend recording the location of the error (or serve) as a “Net” error.

Junior Player: “That ball wouldn’t have gone wide or long if the net wasn’t in the way!” Then hit it higher over the net and there won’t be a problem. At least that’s what my coach told me when I was a junior!

Junior tennis players are inclined to get a few things wrong from time to time. One of the common mistakes is who is serving in a tiebreak and who serves to start the second set after a first set tiebreak.

Without going in to the “who does what and when”, we’ve made it easy for GT STATS users to swap the server if the junior players get it wrong. The arrows will ONLY appear at the start of a set and throughout any tiebreak, just in case they get it wrong on court. It happens…..and it’s OK!

Yes. GT STATS allows you to load Doubles Teams and record the stats of a doubles match. Stats are recorded by team rather than by each individual on the court. For full details on why GT STATS has been engineered this way, see this article


Go to the Matches screen via the Menu and tap on the match you want to view. The above screen will display the final score and a summary graph.

If you tap View Match Statistics, GT STATS will display all the stats of that match in numerical form. Tap any of the graph icons to display stats for that particular stat in graph form.

While in the Stats Screen, tap the magnifying glass next to Unforced Errors.

This will bring up an Error Location screen which displays error locations for each shot. To view this information graphically, tap the Graph icon.

You can view Match Stats at any time. From the Serve/Return screen, tap the icon at top right next to the Undo button. Navigate through stats and graphs from there as if the match was completed.

The GT STATS Scroller can be found in any of the graph screens. It allows you to view the stats of a match from any game score.

Just move the start scroller to your desired start point and the end scroller to the desired end point, and voila! View stats from an individual game if you like.

You can do this via the “Send to Coach” button. In fact, you can send the match stats and graphs to anyone, including yourself.

You’ll find the Send to Coach button on the Stats screen. Tapping it will generate a PDF document with all match stats and graphs as you see them in-app.

Look out for a further update in the first quarter of 2019 which will give subscribers the option to send match data in-app ie your child’s coach can receive match data and view it in their own version of GT STATS.


The process is pretty simple, but takes a few minutes as we need your GT STATS subscription to be linked to a Remote Mode account for grandpa.

  1. From within YOUR version of GT STATS ie the subscriber’s version, tap on the Main Menu, then “Remote Matches”.
  2. Tap “Send Invite”
  3. You will be prompted to enter a screen name. Let’s say it’s “Grandpa”.
  4. Tapping OK will generate an email. All you have to do is enter Grandpa’s email address and send it through to him.

Note that within the email, there is a unique token. The process for your Remote User (grandpa) is as follows:

  1. Download GT STATS from the App Store or Play Store on the device that grandpa will use to view matches.
  2. Ensure you ALLOW notifications when prompted by grandpa’s device, then Sign up using the same email address for grandpa that you used to invite him.
  3. Once inside GT STATS, tap the Main Menu, then Remote Matches.
  4. Tapping “Accept Invite” will prompt you to enter the code that grandpa received in the email. Enter it INCLUDING dashes.

You’re done. Grandpa is now able to view the point by point display of all of Johnny’s matches. It’s live and dynamic.

Once you’ve loaded the players and other details of the match you’re about to record, a screen will appear asking you to enter the player serving first.

Also on this screen is a “Set up Remote Match” option. Tapping this will open a window with all of your linked remote users.

Tap on grandpa and he’ll receive a PUSH notification on his device to alert him to Johnny’s match starting.

Probably best to warn him ahead of time so that he’s waiting for the notification as well!

Absolutely. Remote Mode can be used Subscriber to Subscriber and Subscriber to Remote User.

Yes. You will have to go through the process of linking each Remote User (or Subscriber) but you can have multiple linked accounts.

Yes. If Grandpa has two tennis playing grandchildren, he can pick and choose which match he would like to view through GT STATS!

Remote Mode is not a subscription based product. Once GT STATS is downloaded and the Remote User chooses Remote Mode, a $9.99US charge applies through the App Store or Play Store. Note, there is no free trial period for Remote Mode.

Yes. The process is the same Android to iOS and the other way round.

No. Remote Users have access to Settings, News and Remote Mode from the main menu, but not Matches, Players or Match Formats.

Yes. This process can be managed through the Settings tab in the menu in-app.

Yes. We use Microsoft Azure for our cloud services. Because you are linking by email with a unique code, no other GT STATS Subscribers or Remote Users will be able to connect with you or the data you load unless you’ve invited them.


Feel free to get in touch via our Contact page or email gtstats@gadgettennis.com