How GT STATS Can Help Tennis Coaches

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The Problem Faced by Coaches of Junior Tennis Players

As a coach, I can’t physically get to all the matches of all the junior players I coach. It’s not just the time factor. It’s the fact that some play for their school, some in local comps, while others might be hours away playing a junior tournament. All the while I’m likely to be on court with other players who aren’t at competitive standard yet.

If I can’t get to matches, I have to rely on juniors and their parents telling me “the story”. What was good. What was not so good. Even more importantly, is that issue on which we’ve been working  in lessons translating to a habit on the match court?

Juniors are usually pretty good at telling coaches what they want to hear, rather than being overly brilliant at match analysis. I’m not being critical. It’s just, generally, the way it is. Parents may not know all the issues for which they should be looking, and quite often may not actually know what was good or ordinary.

How Does GT STATS Provide a Solution?

Most parents are very willing to get involved in their child’s tennis. Some would argue that some parents get too involved. One of the best ways for them to get involved is to record stats of their child’s matches.

Taking stats is objective. The end result doesn’t require much explanation (if any), especially when all the stats are provided in graph form.

At the conclusion of a match, a parent need only tap the “Send to Coach” button at the top of the stats screen. This will generate a PDF document of the match stats, which can be sent to the coach via any method available on a parent’s device. Email, text, personal message etc. By April, 2019, coaches will be able to receive match data in their version of GT STATS.

What it’s meant for me as a tennis coach is, first of all, knowing the result of my player’s match as soon as its finished. I can actually view matches live through GT STATS Remote Mode, but that’s a feature for another article.

Secondly, I can scroll through the match stats on a device as small as my phone and get a feel for where the match was won and lost. All made possible from the graphs that GT STATS provides.

Thirdly, I’ll have a very good idea what I’ll be working on with that player when I next see them on-court. No more wasting time having a conversation about what was good and bad. A quick run through the stats, agree on a course of action and get straight into a session.

GT STATS helps you, the tennis coach, link the work done on the training court to the results achieved on the match court. Without it, you might be flying blind in training sessions.

So, get in touch with us today, and start recording stats of your junior tennis players.

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