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A tennis stats app with no sign up required

Downloading and using the best tennis stats app for parents, children and coaches just got easier.

We’ve recently updated GT STATS on both the App Store and Play Store. Once downloaded, you used to be directed to a sign up / log in screen. Not any more.

Why the Change?

We added the “Get Started” screen to GT STATS in late 2018. Get Started allows new users to get a feel for our tennis stats app, explore the stats and graphs and load their own match.

Before landing on “Get Started” however, new users had to navigate through the sign up process. It’s a process that’s very common to other tennis stats apps and in the wider app world. It’s also a process that we always find laborious and time consuming. So, we got rid of it.

Now, when you download for the first time, all you need to do is start using.

Is There Ever a Need to Sign Up?

The short answer is yes. “Remote Mode” still requires sign-up. Remote Mode allows subscribers to record matches and transmit live and dynamic score updates to a third party – their coach, mum, dad, other relatives. In order to match a subscriber to another subscriber or remote only user, we require both parties to be signed up and logged in.

This allows match data to be uploaded to the cloud and received by the Remote User in seconds. If you’re not transmitting match data, GT STATS doesn’t require a log-in because the data is saved locally in the app on your device. This means that you don’t even need a mobile, cell or WiFi connection to load and record matches.

What’s Next?

GT STATS will soon be the only tennis stats app to allow users to load stats specific to their player or a match. We’re adding unique functionality that doesn’t add any complexity to the stats loading process, but gives players, coaches and parents the information they need that’s specific to each player.

For more information about GT STATS’ Stats Selector / Star Stat, click here. If you have any questions or comments, you can email us at gtstats@gadgettennis.com or through our Contact page.

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