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Recording stats for a doubles match - by team or individual?

When I was a tennis junior way back when, singles and doubles carried the same importance. In the decades leading up to the 90s, some would argue that there was a greater emphasis on doubles than singles.

Whether we like it or not, times have changed. Doubles isn’t televised the way it used to be, and professional doubles matches aren’t exactly packing stadiums. In fact, there’s now professional doubles scoring. Short Deuce and Match Tiebreakers were hardly mentioned back in the day.

At GT STATS, we’re aware of the need to record stats for doubles matches. They shouldn’t be ignored. How to record them and how much emphasis to place on the individual has been the burning question. Below I have explained how to record doubles matches using GT STATS. Beyond that, I’ll explain the reasons behind why we’ve engineered the app this way.

How to Record Doubles Stats Using GT STATS

Record Doubles Matches using the Button on the New Match screen
The first way to do this is from the New Match screen:

  1. There is now a “Doubles” button next to the Match Format field on the New Match screen. If you’re recording the stats of a doubles match, simply slide it across.
  2. To load the teams (if you haven’t recorded a match for them before) tap on Add Team at the top of screen
  3. Load the 2 player names and a team name and tap Save (all fields require text). Repeat for the second team. Note, if any player is already in your player list, their name will display as an option as you type.
  4. You will be taken back to the New Match screen after tapping Save. Tapping Team One or Team Two will reveal a drop down menu. Add each team as you would for players in a singles match.
  5. Complete other fields and tap SAVE. The rest of the process is the same as for adding and starting a singles match.

We have also added a “Teams” item to the menu. Tapping this will reveal the doubles teams you have loaded in the past. Add a new team by tapping Add at the top right of screen. It’s the same process as above.

Note, a player you load in the Teams section of the app will automatically load in the Players section as well.

When viewing the Stats and Graphs, the name of the team will display (or their initials) rather than each individual.

Why Record Doubles Stats by Team Rather Than by Individual?

We’ve done a lot of to and fro on this issue and there are good reasons for both. Below are a couple of reasons why we’ve decided to record doubles matches by team rather than by all four individuals.

“It’s All My Fault”

One rule I always had with my long term doubles partners – don’t apologize. Each individual will have good days and bad days and sometimes these don’t match. For junior players, it’s not in anyone’s interests to either lay or shoulder the blame for a loss, nor take the sole credit for a win.

It’s a team effort and juniors should see it that way. Individual stats from a doubles match can exacerbate the the problem.

Singles Stats and Doubles Stats May Not Correlate

I used to play on the backhand side when I played doubles. For many reasons, I played a lot more forehands from that side than backhands. My backhand was my better shot in singles, but in doubles the extra loop on my forehand made it the better shot. I also preferred “inside out” forehands, which are much easier to play from out near the alley than they are in singles.

Trying to match a problem on serve for an individual player from the singles court to the doubles court is also difficult. The big first serve is not as prevalent in doubles. One would expect a higher first serve percentage which may seem strange when compared to singles matches.

My point is that what displays as a problem in singles may not show up at all in the doubles stats for an individual and vice versa.

Screen Real Estate and Other App Considerations

Most GT STATS users are phone users. The screen simply isn’t big enough to fit all the information required if you need to load it for 4 different players. Even in tablet form, it’s tricky.

Then there’s the confusion over how to organize the stats and graphs. Suddenly, we require double the number of columns for stats and double the screen space for the graphs. Part of the reason we developed GT STATS in the first place was to make tennis stats easier to record AND view. Juniors get confused by too much information.


If you want to keep the stats of ONE player on the doubles court, why not use the PLUS (+) buttons on the Serve/Return screen. Record a stat when it’s your player who ends the point and use the PLUS button when it’s their partner. If my son is teamed with a player with whom he’s never played before, I might choose to load just his stats rather than stats for his team.

You can also use the PENCIL icon on the Serve/Return screen. If you want to record something specific about a point or stat, simply tap the PENCIL icon and start typing. The text will appear in the point count which can be accessed from the Stats screen.

The Way Forward

We’ve listened to your requests about the need to load stats for doubles matches. In time, we may reevaluate loading them by individual player. We definitely will if there’s enough interest in displaying stats this way.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns you can write a Comment below, email us at or send us a message from our Contact page.

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