Remote Mode – Live and Dynamic Match Updates

GT STATS “Remote Mode” is here! Live score updates from around the corner, across town, across the country or over the other side of the world.

What is Remote Mode?

If you’re like me, you log the stats of your junior’s matches point by point. At the change of ends, I usually skip over to messages to provide a score update to interested family members; my wife, parents, in-laws are usually on the list.

It’s a bit of a pain because you might miss something in the match. I’ve also found it frustrating when I’m the one receiving the updates. No time limits can mean infrequent updates if they’re coming through at the change of ends.

Now, there’s no need to fumble around the phone every so often to provide an update. GT STATS Remote Mode will do it for you!

As a GT STATS subscriber, you will be able to invite family and friends to view what’s going on in a match. No more waiting for the change of ends or fumbling through your phone typing a message to update the score.

How Does Remote Mode Work?

Remote Mode point by point display
If you’re a GT STATS subscriber, all you need is the device on which you load stats. We’ve designed GT STATS in such a way that you can load stats while offline. The data is saved in-app. To use Remote Mode, however, your device, and the device of the Remote User, will need to be online and you will need to have created a login.

You and your Remote User/s will be linked firstly by email address. When you start loading a match, there will be an additional step at the “Who is Serving First” screen. At this stage, you will also be asked if you would like to invite any of your previously connected Remote Users to follow the match.

Just tap on their screen name. Your Remote User will receive a push notification inviting them to view the match.

That’s it!

Your Remote User will see a point by point display showing who won the point, how they won it and what the score is. Updates will be live and dynamic. No need for your Remote User to touch anything. The information you put in to GT STATS as the subscriber is uploaded directly to the cloud and updated to the Remote User’s screen in real time. We’ve even added a text facility to the serve/return screen. Any text loaded here will also be transmitted to your Remote User.

How Does Someone Become a Remote User?

There is a new menu item inside GT STATS: “Remote Matches”. Tapping on it will bring up a screen that displays who your linked Remote Users are.

If you want to add a Remote User, it’s as simple as filling in their name and email address. Tapping “Add” will open an email in your default email app. The email you send to the prospective Remote User will explain what Remote Mode is and provide them with a unique code.

The last thing it will provide is a link to download GT STATS to their device. Both Apple and Android are supported. Once GT STATS is downloaded, the Remote User signs up and uses their unique code to link themselves to you. As the subscriber, you will receive a notification that you and your new Remote User are now connected.

Please note, if you don’t have a default email app on your device, the unique code will be shown on screen. You can provide it to your Remote User any way you like.

Is there an Additional Cost for Remote Mode?

If you’re a monthly or yearly subscriber, there’s no additional cost to use Remote Mode aside from any charges you may incur for data usage.

Family members and/or friends can have access to Remote Mode ONLY without match loading functionality. Remote Mode ONLY costs $9.99 (one-off payment).

Remote Mode FAQs

All Remote Mode FAQs can be found on our FAQ page.

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