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Momentum in tennis isn’t new. If you’ve been watching tennis for a long time, you know that there are ebbs and flows along the way. Measuring it and displaying it graphically are stats of a more recent time.

In the June update to GT STATS, you will find the major functionality change is a 1-tap Momentum chart. Also in this update, we’ve made it easier to add players to the New Match screen.

What is Tennis Momentum and What Does the Graph Look Like? (scroll down for image)

Momentum isn’t a tennis statistic as such. It’s a graphic representation of the flow of a match or period of a match like a set. It can also accurately demonstrate to juniors where a match or set turned, either in their favor or their opponent’s.

Usually the statistician would start with a horizontal “0” or mid-line with one player up the top and the other player down the bottom. Each point is plotted up or down depending on which player won the point. A player is said to have momentum when the momentum line is on their side of the graph.

That’s the overly simple explanation. In truth, momentum is really decided by the number of points won in a row by either player. In some tennis circles, the second point won in a row is a “momentum” point, while the third is the “conversion” point.

How Momentum Helps Tennis Coaches and Junior Players

One thing we’ve added to the GT STATS Momentum graph is a green or red dot. These dots give the added bonus of knowing whether each point ended with a winner/forced error or an unforced error. You can tell which player ended the point and how by the direction of the line.

This is where tennis coach, player and parent can decipher the stage in a set where there might have been a shift in momentum to the other player. It can accurately demonstrate their concentration, temperament and the result of any shift of momentum into the future.

In coming days, I’ll add an article to the Coach’s Blog with a real life example of tennis momentum and how coaches, players and parents can make use of it.

Where to Find the Momentum Graph

The icon for the momentum graph can be found close to the top of the stats screen. Because there isn’t a numerical statistic, we’ve put it on the same line as the ratio for each player.

You can tap the icon at any stage of a match or on match completion. Both match and set momentum will be sent as separate charts via the :”Send to Coach” button at the top of the stats screen.

Other Functionality and a Couple of Changes in this Update

Thanks to a suggestion from one of our subscribers, we’ve made it easier for you to enter player names when adding a match. Rather than choosing a name from a drop down box, you can now start typing and select from the names displayed in the results. Tap on the player involved in the match and away you go.

One other small change. Up until now, “Ball Man” (he’s the dude in our logo) has been displayed on an orange background as the icon for GT STATS. We have enlarged him and he’s now on a blue background……..hopefully he’s not too difficult to find on your device!

Things you won’t notice are a few reliability updates and fixes. If you’re having any problems with GT STATS or have any questions at all, please contact us via this website, or email us at

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