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We’ve had many requests from tennis coaches, players and parents regarding the stats that can be recorded using GT STATS. We take all suggestions seriously and would ask everyone to keep them coming.

The problem is, which stat to add next? Rally length is a big one, so how about that? What about slice backhands? How about position in the court so that you can record things like inside out forehands? Approach shots maybe?

GT STATS will soon allow you to record the stats that you need for your player without adding complexity to the recording process…..”

Sound like what you need but too good to be true at the same time? Read on.

The Problem With Adding More Stats

GT STATS was designed to be as easy to use as possible for people who may not know a lot about tennis. That would be parents. After all, for the most part they’re the ones recording the stats.

While we don’t claim that recording stats is a breeze, once you get used to it, the process becomes simpler each time. We deliberately designed it that way. The problem is, if we add more (and more and more and more) stats to the app, we’re adding complexity. We would be adding difficulty.

We don’t want to add tons of “taps”. In our experience, there’s only so much you can remember at the end of a point, and only so much time to record the information.

So, having created an app that makes it easier to record points, adding complexity to that process would seem pretty silly.

What to do?

Add Your Own Stats

We won’t go into the full details just yet. We need to keep some for another time.

What we are prepared to release is that GT STATS subscribers will soon have a method of recording a particular stat during a match. It could be more than one, but more on that another time as well.

If you child is working hard with their coach on their slice backhand, you’ll be able to record it and view a graph of it later like any other stat. You’ll also be able to compare it to another stat. In that case, slice backhands compared to total backhands.

That’s just one possibility. How about rally length, position in the court, serve placement, down the line vs cross court, approach shots. Even something deemed to be a footwork error! The possibilities are endless and you can even come up with your own.

It’s called the “Star Stat” and we’ll have more information on it in coming weeks. Meantime, if you have any questions, please contact us or email any time.

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