Free Features When You First Download

The best tennis stats app now gives you more for free when you first download.

Get Started

GT STATS allows users to do more at no cost and with no obligation. Instead of signing up to a 7 day free trial, you can go through the app with the new “Get Started” screen.

Famous Match Stats

When tapped, the top pane of the Get Started screen takes you to the stats and graphs of the Australian Open final in January 2017. It’s a while ago now, but it was one of the greatest Grand Slam finals of all time between two of the greatest players of all time – Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Once you have tapped through to the match statistics, you will begin to get a feel for the stats you can record. Tap on one of the graph or magnifier icons to see how powerful it is when the same information is displayed graphically.

You can also tap on the Point Count to view every point of the match. The Point Count display will provide you with an idea of what family and friends would see live while you’re recording a match.

Add to our Demo Match

By adding to the Demo Match, you will have a much better understanding of how GT STATS’ user interface works. The match is preloaded with the score at 1 set to love. Tapping the magnifier next to the set score displays the actual score in the previous set.

Apart from tapping around the stats and graphs as above, you can load your own stats. We highly recommend doing this before loading your own match (option 3 on the Get Started screen).

We think the icons and buttons are self-explanatory and easy to use. We’ll let you tap your way around the screens as a starting point.

Load Your Own Match

The bottom pane on the Get Started screen allows you to load your own match from start to finish. We recommend having a go at this last.

GT STATS’ user interface is the easiest to use of any tennis stat tracker. It can still take a couple of matches to get used to it. That’s why we highly recommend getting to know your way around via the Demo Match before going live court-side.

Tapping the “Load Your Own Match” window will take you to a “Load Match” screen. Make sure you load your two players by tapping the button at top right before loading all the match details. Tap your way through and you’re all set.

You will note on the “Serving First” screen, there’s a reference to inviting people to watch the match through Remote Mode. You can read more about Remote Mode here. As a subscriber, this is where you invite family and friends to view the match live and dynamically while you load the stats.

Where to After That?

Famous Match stats, Demo Match and Load Your Own Match are all obligation free. Take your time to look through everything before progressing.

Once you’re ready and you want to continue your GT STATS experience, you still receive a 7 day free trial with unlimited use of the app. Load as many matches as you like and tap your way around the stats and graphs.

If you have any questions, suggestions or require further information, please get in touch through our Contact page, or emailing us at .

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