Parents Recording Tennis Stats for Their Children – Easy or Difficult?

As a tennis coach, I’ve seen a lot of parents grapple with recording tennis stats for their enthusiastic junior player. That sounds like it’s a difficult thing to master. Don’t worry, it’s not, but it does take a bit of getting used to.

Don’t be Afraid of Keeping Tennis Stats

This tends to be the number one issue for parents who would like to help their child by keeping their stats. A lot of parents weren’t tennis players as children, or maybe didn’t reach a level where stats were of much importance.

Forced errors, winners, unforced errors. Not enough time to get the stat together at the end of the point. It all seems a bit much at first.

Don’t expect that to subside until you’ve recorded stats a couple of times. And I really do mean “a couple”. I’ve sat beside many a parent while they record their child’s stats and watched them panic at the outset. I’ve then watched them a couple of matches later and had conversations while they’re recording stats.

Getting used to it isn’t a long, drawn out process. A couple of practice matches and you’ll be recording stats like a pro!

Don’t Worry if You Make a Mistake

It’s going to happen, at least at first. If it does, don’t worry. GT STATS has an undo button for that. Even if you miss the next point, it’s OK. It’s not going to render the overall picture worthless. Far from it.

The important thing is to keep the integrity of the score. If you make a mistake, undo it and just tap the PLUS button to advance the score. Do it as many times as is necessary but don’t panic about missing a couple of stats, or even 4 or 5……or more!

Tips that Might Help

Before listing them, here’s a biggie. Tennis stats are all about who finished the point and how. So, if Little Johnny hits an easy forehand into the net, the “who” is Little Johnny. The “how” is a forehand in the net. The only thing left to decide is whether it was an unforced or forced error. For more info on the difference, see this article.

A brief list of things to remember:

  • Don’t worry about getting it wrong
  • Don’t worry if you miss something
  • Keep the integrity of the score. Ask the players for the score if they’re not calling it.
  • Ask yourself who ENDED the point and how, rather than who WON the point.
  • Have fun recording stats!

It’s a fun process through which a parent can go. It’s even more fun for your budding young tennis player to see their stats and where they’re improving.

You will also find you’ll get more value out of your child’s tennis coaching because their coach will know exactly what’s happening on the match court and link that to training.

Lastly, please let us know how you go! Join our Facebook Group, “Tennis Stats for Parents, Players and Coaches” for further info, tips, tricks and advice.

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