How to Send Stats and Graphs and How Tennis Coaches can Receive Them

Not everyone who’s involved in a junior tennis player’s development can view every match live in person.

For family and friends, there’s Remote Mode. It allows people nominated by a subscriber to receive live and dynamic updates of a match.

Family and friends can also include a junior tennis player’s coach, but the coach will be just as interested in the analysis after the match is over as they are in the live feed.

In the GT STATS latest update, there’s a new “Send to Coach” button. Linking the match court to the coaching court just got a lot easier.

How do I “Send to Coach”?

We’ve made this process easy, such that your junior player’s coach will have all the stats and graphs that you can see within seconds of match completion.

First of all, you will need an internet connection. From either the Completed Match screen or from the Summary screen of a previous match, tap “View Match Statistics”.

On the stats screen you will see an icon at the top right of screen (pictured above). Tapping it will prompt GT STATS to convert the stats to a PDF document.

Once done (it’s automatic) you simply tap on your preferred option for sending the stats. If that’s Gmail, an email will be generated where you can type in the coach’s email and other text you like before sending the stats through.

What will Tennis Coaches See?

Each page of the PDF that GT STATS generates represents stats and associated graphs for the match. The summary stats for all shots comes first, followed by Unforced Error Locations. From there the PDF will run through all the same stats as the app and in the same order.

Coaches can then run through the data with players in the same way they would from inside the app.

There is a sample of what the Send to Coach PDF looks like below this article. Clicking on any of the images will enlarge it. It becomes clear quite quickly what part of each player’s game requires some work. The match was played between two 12 year old juniors.

The Future of “Send to Coach”

In the not to distant future, subscribers will have the option to send data “in-app”. If your junior’s coach has a GT STATS coaching subscription, you can elect to send your junior’s match data such that the coach can view all match stats from their version of the app.

Coaches can then go through details of the match in the same way parents can, by simply tapping through the stats and graphs screens. This will also give coaches the ability to see the Point-by-Point display and any notes that may have been taken during the match.

Send to coach is available in the latest iOS and Android updates.

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