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US Open First Round Stats Nick Kyrgios v Steve Johnson

Round 1 of the US Open saw Nick Kyrgios up against Steve Johnson. We decided to record the match stats and use the “Star Stat” to record each player’s “Serve +1” stats. The “Star Stat” is in development but will be available as an update on the App Store and Play Store soon.

+1 stats are important because they give players, parents and coaches an idea of the number of times a serve has set up a point for the server. That is, the actual stat that ends the point will be something other than a serve, but the serve is the likely reason for a forehand put away, for example.

As we are still in Star Stat development, there aren’t any GT STATS graphs that we can publish here just yet. The idea is to give you a feel for just one of the many things you can do.

The Broad Match Stats

There’s nothing much we don’t already know about Kyrgios and Johnson by looking at the total stats for the match. Kyrgios’ big serve did a lot of damage in aces/unreturnables alone. 38/8 on that stat alone. When your serving stats are two and a half times your opponent’s, you have an advantage before you start.

Total Match Stats Kyrgios v Johnson

Another thing to point out is the backhand of both players. Neither of them produced anything startling on that wing. 15/21 for Kyrgios and 5/11 for Johnson isn’t setting the world on fire. In fact, for pros, it’s pretty poor.

Delve a little deeper, however, and we find that the bulk of the Kyrgios errors on the backhand were return of serve. Of his 21 backhand errors, 12 of them were returning the Johnson serve.

Return of Serve Stats Kyrgios v Johnson

On the other hand, the vast majority of Johnson’s backhand errors came from rallies that went beyond the return of serve.

The Serve +1 Stats

You would expect Nick Kyrgios to dominate most opponents on serving stats. If he doesn’t serve an ace with his first serve, it’s still difficult for his opponent to get into the point. That’s quite often the case on his second serve as well.

Nick Kyrgios Serve +1

  • W/FEs
  • UEs

Steve Johnson Serve +1

  • W/FEs
  • UEs

The problem for Steve Johnson was that, not only did Kyrgios have 13 winners/forced errors to 5 unforced errors on his serve +1 stats, Johnson only achieved 8 and 8. You would expect Johnson to have lower winners and forced errors compared to Kyrgios, but certainly not unforced errors.

Out of interest, Kyrgios’ Serve +1 graph clearly shows that he won 4 points serving and volleying. He may have served and volleyed more than four times, but there are 4 points when the volley was the final shot. While not necessarily interesting by itself, a search of the Point Count reveals that 3 of the 4 were at 40-15. Coincidence? Doubtful.

We’ll be getting into the stats of plenty more US Open matches over the next two weeks. If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, please feel free to join the conversation on our new Facebook Group, Tennis Stats for Parents, Players and Coaches. It’s not just match stats!

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