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Stats Selector and Custom Tennis Stats

Side by side graphs of cross court and inside in forehands from a 14s match

GT STATS will launch “Stats Selector” and “Custom Stats” late in 2019. Read More

Nick Kyrgios v Steve Johnson – US Open Round 1 Stats

US Open First Round Stats Nick Kyrgios v Steve Johnson
Round 1 of the US Open saw Nick Kyrgios up against Steve Johnson. We decided to record the match stats and use the “Star Stat” to record each player’s “Serve +1” stats. The “Star Stat” is in development but will be available as an update on the App Store and Play Store soon.

+1 stats are Read More

Tennis Stats of the Pros – Djokovic v Medvedev

Daniil Medvedev salutes the crowd in Cincinnati
Tennis stats don’t usually lie. After Daniil Medvedev took out Novak Djokovic last week in Cincinnati, a lot of tennis experts and amateurs Read More

Tennis Stats Selector – Record What’s Important for Your Player

We’ve had many requests from tennis coaches, players and parents regarding the stats that can be recorded using GT STATS. We take all suggestions seriously Read More

Children and Tennis Stats – There’s an App for that

Recording tennis stats for children. We developed an app for that!

I’m a tennis coach, although I’m a dad of two children first. When my son, Tom (pictured above), first started competing in higher level tournaments, I recorded his match stats with pen and paper. It was just basic errors and winners type stuff.

As he became more experienced, Read More

Wimbledon Final 1984 McEnroe v Connors, Famous Tennis Stats

Stats of the Wimbledon Men's Final 1984, McEnroe defeated Connors
The Wimbledon Men’s Final, 1984. I’ve always wanted to record the stats Read More

Tennis Stats – Set and Match Momentum, New Functionality

Momentum in tennis isn’t new. If you’ve been watching tennis for a long time, you know that there are ebbs and flows along the way. Measuring it and displaying it graphically Read More

How GT STATS Can Help Tennis Coaches

GT STATS is available as a free subscription for tennis coaches once the app is implemented at your club or school. Get in touch today and let us know what you need. Read More

Graphs and Stats that make Sense to Junior Tennis Players

Graphs help juniors understand the stats of a match

I’ve always loved viewing statistics graphically. Be it for tennis, business or a stock price, graphs make a lot more Read More