Coaching Subscription Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions set out on this page should be read in conjunction with Gadget Tennis P/L’s and GT STATS’ Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. They are not to be taken in isolation.

These terms and conditions were updated on 5th June, 2019. Gadget Tennis P/L reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notice.

Obtaining a Coaching Subscription

Coaches can apply for a free coaching subscription by completing the contact form provided on the coaches page of this website. On occasion, such as during marketing campaigns conducted by Gadget Tennis P/L, there may be no need for a form to be completed.

Note, a Coaching Subscription may only be used on one device. For use on additional devices, please contact us.

Gadget Tennis P/L reserves the right to approve or reject an application for a coaching subscription at its discretion. More information may also be requested for the purposes of identifying the applicant as a tennis coach.

Possessing tennis coaching qualifications or working for a tennis coaching company, academy or other associated organization may not be sufficient for approval of a coaching subscription.

Equally, tennis coaches who meet Gadget Tennis P/L’s criteria for a coaching subscription but who DO NOT possess relevant qualifications MAY be provided with a coaching subscription.

Once a Coaching Subscription has been provided

A coaching subscription has an initial expiry date of 3 months from the date of approval, not the date of download unless the two dates are the same. Tennis coaches with a coaching subscription will have full access to all GT STATS functionality.

At the conclusion of the initial three (3) month free subscription period, a coach will be required to have at least one (1) subscriber linked to their GT STATS account (Remote Mode only users do not apply). Subscribers can be linked to coaches via the “Link to Coach” button in the Settings of GT STATS. Note, a link can only be activated once a subscription has been paid. Users still in any phase of the free period* or free trial period** will not be able to link to a coach.

Should there be no subscriber linked to a coach’s account when the three (3) month period expires, Gadget Tennis P/L reserves the right to cancel the free coaching subscription of that coach. Free subscription cancellation can occur without notice.

Maintaining a Coaching Subscription

A coaching subscription will remain active while a coach has at least one (1) subscriber linked to their account.

Should a coach’s linked subscriber/s cancel their subscription such that the coach has zero (0) linked subscribers attached to their account, said coach will have one (1) month to link to another subscriber for their free subscription to remain active. After this time, Gadget Tennis P/L reserves the right to cancel a coach’s free subscription.

Should a coach wish to maintain their subscription without a linked subscriber, he/she may do so via a paid subscription. Paid subscriptions can be obtained through the Settings page of GT STATS.

* The “Free Period” is defined as the period of time from when GT STATS is downloaded from the App Store or Play Store to when a user agrees to the 7 day free trial period

**The “Free Trial Period” is defined as the period of time from the end of the “Free Period” to first subscription payment, usually seven (7) days.